All things good

24 Mar

I am in love with this springs biggest colour trend, pastel. But I am also partial to neon so here are a few photos that bring out the best in both. If you are brave enough to use pastel as your new hair colour I love it!




















20 Mar

I’m sure you’ve all been well aware of the importance of using nude in an outfit. I’m talking about any aspect; from shoes to nail polish to lipstick it all falls into the being so right category. It used to be that black and white were used as neutrals but more and more nude came into the picture and bam, so right!

My wish list this summer is to get a pair of nude sandals. I guess you could call them gladiator but just something that is comfortable, sturdy and goes with everything.

One of my favourite ways to adapt the nude trend is in nail polish. Right now I’m wearing a slightly grey polish that I consider in the nude family. I’d like to find a shade close to my skin so I blend in together. As hideous as that sounds its so pretty done the right way.

Things you should try:

Nude polish (this is a must)

Nude heels (in my opinion every woman should own a pair)

Nude lipstick (try to find a shade with a tiny bit of pink in it)

Nude accessories. Here I’d mostly be referring to the peach family but any pastel would work. I know it’s not your traditional nude but its so pretty.







All things mint

27 Feb

A bit of mint-spiration 🙂

To my …self

26 Feb

To my 15 year old self:

Don’t let people tell you you can’t because you can, you can do anything (except fly). Although you think being popular is the most important thing, you have to focus on getting good grades and what you like to do, even if it’s not cool. Follow your dreams and reach for the stars. Unfortunately the boy you think you love will not be the last and will not be your true love. Don’t be disappointed because all of these experiences will make you into a special person. Work hard and save your money but remember to spend it too. If your friends ask you to go out, do it, there is plenty of time to sleep. Tell people you love them and appreciate them and smile often. Don’t be scared and love a lot.

To my 21 year old self:

Although you are focused on your future you don’t have to decide what you want to do now. Live in the moment but have the future in the back of your mind. Work hard, study a lot but make sure you go out as much as possible. Use “yes” instead of “no”. Try different trends especially if you are scared. Like what you do and if you don’t like it then you have the option to change it. You are perfect regardless of what anyone says. Eat cake and veggies and go to the gym. Don’t be scared to trust people, they may hurt you but you need to learn what you want and how you should be treated. Don’t search for true love, instead do everything else that you want and it will find you. Save your money and spend some too. Keep the friends you know are true as they will be there for you in the future. Never choose a boy over your friends.

To my 28 year old self:

Even though you may not think it, you are doing everything right. Remember you are only living life for you so do everything in your power to experience it. Your true love has found you, your friends are here to stay so focus on being happy and everything else will follow. Expect great things, always.

Xo …

Caramel Popcorn

15 Feb

I wanted to tell you about my new favourite treat (and when I say fav I mean out of this world goodness). You guys know those 100 cal packs of cookies and chips from Christie? The ones that never seem to be as good as the real thing. Ok well I have found one that I can’t believe is 100 cals.

I don’t like to count calories but if you are going to eat something sweet it’s nice to have it in the back of your head.

So this one is new and it is white fudge drizzle caramel popcorn. It’s so so so so soooooo good. Omg!

Give it a try 🙂


Random Fact

14 Feb

I learned this random fact from the lady at the grocery store who kept repeating it as I bought Advil for myself a few weeks ago. She said if you are feeling sick you should gargle with warm water, salt and lemon and it will go away. She swore by it and as I took my receipt and walked away she literally yelled don’t forget the lemon.

So last night I tried it. I wasn’t feeling sick but you know when your throat has a little something funny going on. It totally worked. It was gross but I feel totally normal today. Amazing grocery store lady!!

Try it out! But I hope you don’t need it!

This blog is about Valentines Day

14 Feb

In case you were confused, today is Valentines day. And, even if you don’t like the holiday, don’t care, are unhappy, are happy, love it, etc. etc. I think that on today of all days – tell someone you love them. Even if it is your dog or cat. Everyone deserves a little love today and every day.

I love you! ❤